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Value of Health Coverage in Texas

Every Texan deserves affordable coverage and high-quality care. That’s what health insurance providers are committed to delivering: more choices of better quality at lower costs. When patients have more choice and more control, you can get the care you need when you need it – at a price you can afford.

The Texas Association of Health Plans (TAHP) advocates for a sound and competitive health insurance market that maximizes private market competition, consumer choice and affordable coverage options. Health plans play an important role in lowering costs and getting the best possible price for hospital stays, doctor visits and prescription drugs. Despite efforts by health plans to hold down the cost of monthly premiums, the cost of health care is high and still rising all over the country. Americans are more worried about their health care costs than ever before. Now is the time for us to make sure all Texans have access to high-quality health care they can afford, no matter how much money they make or if they have pre-existing conditions. 

Texas health plans are committed to lowering costs, providing high-quality, affordable coverage that protects Texans and their families, and empowering Texans to take control of their health.

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Value of Texas Medicaid Coverage

Texas Medicaid is more than just health care — it is an investment in the future of Texas. It goes beyond the doctor’s office and into our schools, our workplaces and our communities. Medicaid is safety net health insurance that is there for the Texans that need it most, including Texas children, mothers, grandparents and people with disabilities. It helps provide for everything from routine checkups and heart surgeries to home health and at-home nursing care.

Over the past 20 years, Texas transformed an outdated Medicaid system that provided fragmented care into a modern, patient-centered health insurance program that provides more than 4 million Texans with the coverage and care they need.

As a result of Texas’ transition to Medicaid managed care, millions of Texans—including children and pregnant moms—have seen improved outcomes and increased access to preventive and timely care. Medicaid plans have also improved care coordination for Texans with complex medical needs, reducing hospital stays and ER visits. The focus on prevention, wellness and care coordination—getting Texans the care they need to get healthy, stay healthy and live in their communities—has translated into lower costs for Texas taxpayers. Texas has saved between $5.3 and $13.9 billion through the use of Medicaid managed care since 2009. Today’s Texas Medicaid keeps Texans healthy, improves lives and saves taxpayer money.

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